Do Not Spit In Your Scuba Mask!

Regarding defogging scuba diving masks, there are a few different options available to divers. One popular method is to simply use spit to moisten the inside of the mask before diving. However, this method is not only unhygienic, but it is also not as effective as using a commercial defogger.

A commercial defogger, such as a Reef Safe Defogger, is specifically designed to keep scuba diving masks clear and fog-free. These defoggers, made with a combination of ingredients that work together, reduce the surface tension of the water inside the mask. Reef Safe Defogger allows the water to spread out evenly across the lens, preventing fogging.

One of the main benefits of using a commercial defogger is that it is much more effective than using spit. Defoggers are specifically formulated to reduce surface tension and prevent fogging; they can keep masks clear for much longer than spit can. This means that divers can enjoy clearer, fog-free visions during their dives.

Another advantage of using a commercial defogger is that it is much more hygienic than using spit. Spit contains bacteria and other microorganisms that can easily spread from one diver to another. These microorganisms can cause skin infections, eye infections, and other health problems. A commercial defogger is typically made with ingredients that are safe for human use and do not contain any harmful bacteria or microorganisms.

Using spit as a defogger is considered gross and unhygienic. It may cause contamination of diving equipment and the environment as well. It's not only not sanitary, but it is also not environmentally friendly.

Another advantage of using a Reef Safe Defogger is that it is environmentally friendly. Reef Safe Defogger is specifically formulated to be safe for marine life. We do not contain any harmful chemicals that can harm the ocean or its inhabitants. We are a great option for divers who want to minimize their impact on the environment.

In conclusion, regarding defogging scuba diving masks, using a commercial defogger is a much more effective and hygienic option than using spit. Not only will it improve the overall diving experience, but it will also protect the environment. So, divers should consider using a commercial defogger like Reef Safe Defogger instead of spit to provide a clear and enjoyable dive experience.